Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8, 2009

It always takes me to get to an embarrassing moment or getting on the scale for me to jump into action. Of course..... I reached my peak weight again. Places and clothes are getting snug again. It's awful. I've been retaining water, my cholesterol is up as is my blood sugar levels and blood pressure. I don't want anymore medications. I can't afford anymore medications. I am just speaking for myself... not Lanny. He has to makes his own decisions for his own purposes.... and he does want to join me on this. This has been very embarrassing for me to write about. I am ashamed of myself and knew as I was gaining and people were looking at me thinking the same thing.... and that I needed to do something. I disgust myself and I am sure embarrass my kids. Grand kids aren't yet... but the day will come.

If you are battling your own demons here..... please join us. Lanny and I are doing opposite of what didn't work and sticking with what has worked. We are weighing on Fridays. I am hoping that gives us the encouragement to be careful on weekends. We have a plan.... but everyone needs to decide what is best for them. If you would like prayer.... we are here. If you need encouragement... we are here. If you have any ideas on to make this fun.... I am open!

I was in bed last night thinking about this .... and decided the New Years deadline put tape across the end of the race. We can then begin a new race if you'd like.... or you may be at your goal! Holidays are tough.... but so are bbq's, fairs, picnics, whatever.... Family can make each other accountable during holidays.... if you're really serious! And create better ways to eat! Possibly walk together! Walking is always better with a partner! Hope you join us and help us! I've confessed.... anyone else ready?

Just the beginning!

This is just the beginning. I am setting up everything today and Papa and I are excited! This site will have count down and anything else we want here. I am open to ideas! Hope you join us! We all need to get healthier.... right?